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That "poor little white boy" probably needs someone to step up and look out for his rights. After all, he can't exactly use the "race" card, and clearly doesn't qualify for any kind of backing from any 'civil rights' authority. If he wasn't a "poor little white boy" there would be a march downtown by now. And, if "all men were equal" he would have his march by now. And NO, I AM NOT A RACIST, but right is right, I don't care what color you are. I will be the first to agree that jail is jail and not a playpen, I would be the first to say that public flogging should come back the chain gang should be re-instated. The jails wouldnt be so full and the road ditches would be cleaner. Prisoners are not slaves, they have broken the law and should have to earn their keep like the rest of us. They get "three hots and a cot" and don't pay a red cent. That's more than we can say for the homeless living under bridges. I bet some of those third world countries dont have their jails full, start chopping fingers off when caught steeling and theives would start keeping their fingers to themselves. Allow innocent people to defend their lives, family and homes and the home invasions would slow down. And NOOOO, guns don't kill people, criminals kill people. Idiots want guns taken away, when will they open their eyes and see the truth, Take away the innocent's rights to protect themselves and the evil people will still be the one's with the guns, knives, bricks...... Wake up America!


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