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One step away.....

We are all just one step away from jail. One honest mistake, one fit of rage, one crime of passion. You run a stop sign in Horry Co. S.C and you go to jail. It's a lot easier than you think. Many upstanding community leaders have found themselves mugging for a police camera. Yes it can happen to you or your child. And if it does do you want people calling you an animal, or a worthless piece of trash who deserves to be beaten because the Jailer simply got bored or bribed. People go to jail to pay their debt to society, not to have their jaws broken. The Eight Amendment to the Constitution is set in place to assure this right. But when you have Jailers who have no respect for an inmates rights, much less for the Constitution they swore to uphold, this is the outcome. Sad but true folks, Friday night at the fights for the promise of a cigarette or extra breakfast tray from a perverted Jailer. That's how a Jailer overcomes boredom or exacts revenge on an inmate he doesn't like.


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