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"I DON'T KNOW WHERE ZIP CODE 89129 IS" (Unquote)
You make this statement while it's clearly stated in my reply (you replied to) that zip code 89129 is in....Argentina, Mexico! :-(
Here's an idea...first type in your address bar on your, then ask the question in the search block..."Where is zip code 89129?". You should come up with either Argentina...or Belfast, Northern Ireland. You make the choice 211. Just kidding:
Either way...will be thinking about you when:
1. (Cat. 4) Hurricane winds swirl up the Cape Fear River, and then your Wind and Hail coverage hits $2,000 (+) per year...(not including Home Owners Insurance)...
2. Saffo gets reelected..."again" continuously, and you can't figure how this keeps happening...and by then, he'll want to annex the Atlantic Ocean!
3. Your property taxes have to be paid on a monthly basis to afford them, because City Council will get theirs anyway, as your property value drops even lower...
4. Screen Gems moves out of the area, and the only thing left is Teen Mom 1 & 2 still making the news on a weekly basis...HA!
5. ILM has a flight that only goes to RDU once a day for $300 (1 way)/(baggage extra)...
6. 50% of the police force/city and or town officials have arrest records...
7. When that God Forsaken Pothole you keep dodging on the road finally wins, because the sewer spill has it covered with H2O (that's water 211)...and your front tire blows sky high! Read this:
8. And finally...the Convention Center still has NO HOTEL!

This used to be considered a "Retirement Town"...and now the retired can't afford to live here. There goes progress :-(
Will be thinking of you 211, and by the way...what's 3 more months compared to nearly 3 decades of watching a nice little city go down the sewage toilet as we've all seen in that amount of time? :-)


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