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"IF" my sister were a man, she would be my brother...

Law abiding and responsible CCP holders are prohibited from drinking ANY alcohol while carrying concealed.

A person will not be granted a CCP if they have outstanding, current or multiple DWI convictions.

"IF" a CCP holder even gets charged (not convicted) with a DWI, that CCP is automatically revoked on the spot. There's no "IF" in this equation, it's the law.

It is a specifically and heavily emphasized point of the CCP instruction that firearms and alcohol are to never be combined and is fully prohibited as a requirement of holding the CCP.

See Vog, there actually ARE responsible people in this world that do the right thing, obey the law and are outstanding citizens. We don't hear about them simply because of that fact. The media will not publish acts of good will by law abiding citizens because it just doesn't contain the shock factor that makes them money. It's only the criminals creating mayhem that they sensationalize in the news these days. So, don't cringe too much or chip your teeth from chattering. It'll be okay and you don't have to hide in the dark, obscure corner of the restaurant to enjoy your dinner, no matter what they tell you.


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