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Vog, square this up and stop your confusion.

First of all, this article has nothing to do with criminals. It soley about law abiding, mentally competent, rap sheet free, concealed carry permitted citizens and allowing certain additional permissions to them. That's it. Period. So why introduce the criminal element, the mental case element, illegal drug use and the NRA's argument against such? Those issues are in no way relative to this article or the proposed bill in any form or fashion.

We all know WHAT criminals are. We all know what criminals do. We all know that most criminals know the law better than most attorneys and we all know that criminals DO NOT obey the law (that's how they achieved this status: CRIMINAL).

CCP holders are confirmed "good guys" totally void of the criminal element and lacking of any known mental condition. CCP holders are not allowed to consume ANY alcohol while carrying a firearm. CCP holders are required to competently follow the defined rules and conditions of the use of deadly force. These CCP holders are the ONLY people this bill is introduced to allow. Not criminals.


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