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I kinda figured

You'd be the one dispensing the NRA kool aid.
First and foremost as I said in my initial post (yeah the first one) I cringe at the thought of combining alcohol and guns in the same place.
Not because I fear the people carrying legally - for the most part they are just like me.
No arrests
No priors
No drugs
Don't drink in public and very little at home
Don't smoke except an occasional cigar
Basically your church goin, God Fearin, Bible reading, old timer.
Do I need a gun? Probably not - certainly not to protect me. I've lead a full life so dying later today isn't a big thing for me to worry about.
Gun violence is a useless thing in my mind - whether its to kill or rob. A gun gives a bad guy a false sense of "bravado". So - why tempt fate?
Do "no gun zones" tempt bad guys? Schools? NO shooters in schools tend to be mental cases - these are not typically bad guys they're sick guys.
So what tempts bad guys?
Money. What do restaurants have? Money. Do I need to defend THAT restaurant against a robber? Nope - not my job and I sure don't want to be caught in the cross fire between a bad guy and someone who believes it's his God given right to shoot back across MY table while I'm enjoying a darned good steak....
I'm glad they gave the business owner's the right to REFUSE to allow guns in their place of business. Thats a place I want to go eat at.


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