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No Vog, first though...

CCP holders are taught the law as part of their training. They are taught when and where they are allowed to carry. Businesses posting "No concealed firearms allowed" mean that. A CCP holder that disregards that posting would be an idiot and would be subject to a misdemeanor if caught. A "misdemeanor" will not necessarily get your permit pulled. It depends on the classification of the misdemeanor, the severity and if violence were involved. In general though, it is advisable to obey the law to the best of your ability and avoid any infractions.

What is the purpose of your hypothetical scenarios? If you were aware of the CCP regulations as you state, you would know these answers. CCP holders do.

I'm not sure of your reference to a "gun permit". The only "permit" I'm aware of is the purchase permit that one applies for with the County Sheriff and is required for a weapons purchase from an FFL. A "permit" is not required to buy from an individual in a person to person sale.


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