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I am also not disagreeing with you - It's just that not all CCW permit holders are "good guys" JUST because they got their permit - to believe that is naive.
Lets say a good law abiding citizen decides to lock up his gun and smoke some pot. If that pot is detected in his/her system they would lose their CCW permit.
So if a CCW permit holder NEVER gets checked but continues to smoke pot or drink (the cops have to have a reason to check) is he still a good guy?
He may be but he is breaking the letter of the law.
My concern is that the general level of responsibility of most folks has dropped and many of us believe that we are somehow above the law (albeit slightly) because we have a CCW permit. It's this nagging suspicion that just because someone has a CCW they will stay on the straight and narrow that I find so unbelievable.
(I'm overly suspicious by nature)



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