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McCrory's problem

Pats between a rock and a hard spot now.
Nationally unemployment crept back up to 7.9% - the labor market is treading water or slightly better at best.
So how does this affect some policies he's mentioned?
If he's thinking the elimination of the corporate tax will create jobs that's a mistake because product demand creates jobs NOT reductions in taxes. Sure we MIGHT get a relocating company here but even that will be scarce as the move has to be based on continued or expanded demand for product not just taxes.
Second - his thought process on colleges and universities being funded based upon grads obtaining jobs is almost becoming laughable as jobs aren't being created fast enough to absorb the number of grads getting out of college. The national jobs picture is of course indicative of NC's problem.
Pat is trying to overcome an issue that he has limited control over.
He's also using a strategy that many claim will not, and does not work. Reducing taxes does not create jobs they say. But at this point he's got to give the impression that he's doing something.
But if unemployment worsens and the sales tax doesn't create the revenues needed because peoples disposable incomes will be going down when unemployment gets CUT then he will have worsened his problems. As a mayor he had a much freer reign to go against his party's thought processes and policies - and he did so successfully in Charlotte. He's got MUCH bigger benefactors now and a legislature that seems to be more conservative then even he is and he's got much bigger problems.
But in seeing what he's facing and remembering what Perdue DID face 4 years ago at the height of the recession one has to wonder if in fact we were too hard on her.
We shall see



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