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DAK and the sequester

I have opined on another blog that the impact of the unemployment bill would be felt first in Bill Rabons Brunswick county district 8.
With potentially about 600 losing jobs at Dak most likely after July first the hit to Brunswick county will be severe. Like SCT I hope some have early retirement packages etc - BUT - as Tom said this may have been planned for some time making it a Gov Smiley responsibility. Of course if that were true then the early retirement buyouts probably should have been proposed by now.
But 600 are going to suffer and the ripple afffects across Brunswick will be very bad.
And now we have sequestration - that glorious set of severe budget cuts developed by our illustrious bipartisan Super Committee of 8 Dems and 8 Republicans. The Dems are making a mountain out of a mole hill IMHO. Supposedly there's only $85B in cuts this year but over a decade it would be close to $1T. Put it this way it's $20B MORE than Hurricane Sandy aid. It's a pimple on an elephants butt compared to our total budget.
But - it could mean position elimination for some teachers and teachers aids meaning? Well ONLY 16 to 20 weeks of unemployment here in NC.
The Honorables are now caught between a rock and a hard spot. They are at the mercy of some federal programs laws and bills. So the sequester is NOT their doing - but they are making the after affects worse by the false hand wringing over paying back a no interest loan 2 years early.
They took a page out of the Democratic handbook by making a crisis out of nothing. The DAK thing was bad enough, the sequester effects will make it slightly worse.
I wish they had held off on the unemployment revamp for a year and had cut the corporate tax first. That way even these two items would have been mitigated somewhat.
The GOP is catching a falling knife - one that is getting sharper with each passing week...



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