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water restrictions

Not all governing is bad. After all without governing chaos insues. I grew up in California and was taught about water conservation both at home and at school. Education and early prevention is the key to avoiding the conditions so many states find themselves in. I carry on those lessons to my own children. Too often the local governments wait too long to notify their communities of the issue. The truth is all communities face the possibilty of drought and the focus should be on prevention and education of the local people and businesses on what they can do and offer incentives to those that follow regs. Educating the youth and getting them involved is another important factor to avoiding the current situation. Children get excited when they feel like they can help and be a part of a solution. And the younger you start the better. This should be a message that is never taken for granted and/or abandoned, as was done in California. I watched water conservation education lost in the schools after I graduated in 1994 as it was declared that our state was "no longer in a drought." Now California is back to where it was. Personal responsiblity is the biggest key factor. If no one follows through, ignores their impact and waits for others like govt to solve the problem...nothing is accomplished. Unfortunately in conservation it is much like healthcare the focus is rarely on prevention.


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