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I am not sure why most of

I am not sure why most of you think this is a joke or something silly maybe it is because you don't really get it. We are running out of water and it hasn't rained enough. Let me put it simple we are screwed. I just read on Yahoo today that Atlanta who takes its water from Lake Lanier has maybe enough water left to last 90 to 121 days. That means the 4 million plus people that call Atlanta home plus all the bussiness are screwed. And guess what we aren't far behind them. As much as I love having a green yard and pretty flowers I let it all die I turned my pool off and since it is an indoor pool I use the water to water the house plants and two new trees. Oh and for the people with wells and spring water they are even worse off the those on city water. I guess I will see you guys in the water ration line.


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