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WilmMan is the typical ME,ME,ME kinda guy. Forget the rest of us. Contrary to popular belief water is not a renewable resource. There is only so much fresh water available. We are 20 inches below what we need to maintain normal production here. The alloted amount you refer to is alloted to keep people from over using then they get charged by the gallons they use over that. I doubt they allot for you to take 4 showers a day per person, wash clothes constantly and water your lawn daily. We are on a well, we pay nothing for water BUT we do not use excessive amounts just because its free. Unlike my unconcerned redneck neighbor, I watered only part of my lawn 2 times this summer when I could have been doing it all summer everyday for FREE. Most of my lawn is dead now. WHY because I have some respect for others and the earth and I did not want to be standing in the shower with my hair full of soap when the well dried up. I will be at the neighbors pool taking buckets to flush if our well dries up and bathing in his pool because he so selfishly waters his lawn from a well everyday like a jerk.(Marlboro Farms Rd.) GROW up WilmMan. Even if your water was free like mine it can still run out.


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