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Vog ...

I have no problem with WB residents raising the draw bridge if they want to. They can even do it symbolically by providing fewer parking spots and raising parking fees, both of which restrict access. I do have some problem with WB doing that and continuing to tap into NHC funding on an equal opportunity basis. That just doesn't feel like a balanced equation.

My real problem with WB is with the license plate scanning / background checking system the town has chosen to install (something neither you nor SouthEastNC have chosen to really address). Even though I personally have no legal problems of any kind, I still find that sort of thing to be far too personally intrusive. It's the sort of thing that totalitarian countries employ to control their population. To me, without a darn good reason to use something like that, it feels like the antithesis of how we define life in a free country like America. It's gratuitous invasion of our personal space. It personally offends me to the point where I'll occasionally even post about it.

Since its inception I have not visited, nor will visit WB on either a personal or professional basis. Does that hurt WB? Nope. Regardless, I'm a guy who practices what I preach and will continue to feel strongly that there's something intrinsically wrong with WB choosing to implement this sort of system, and by association, something intrinsically wrong with WB residents for finding that sort of thing to be just fine.

(And oh, by the way SouthEastNC, what you posted was a contradiction. :-)


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