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If you like Wilmington, then by all means it is yours. Being a native, I have had to endure watching this once great town, slowly self-destruct. It used to be nice here, lower population & crime. I hate to say it but local leadership is non existent. We have a a gang of Boss Hoggs who have raped and pillaged the land through development. They are a gang of old money cronies who charted the course of this town years ago with their relatives intermingled all through the various sectors of politics and business. Wilmington City of Tomorrow. Except tomorrow never comes and should've been here yesterday Grand visions of cheaply made overpriced town-homes, parking decks, convention centers, and ballparks. Listen folks opportunity is elsewhere. Wilmington is not the center of the universe as much as it likes to think it is. Don't be lured in by the beach, lots of beaches to choose from around the country. For the naysayers you don't have to worry my train is pulling out the station soon enough. I will leave the beasts of the field here to slowly devour each other. When it all crumbles the only thing left to eat will be each other. You won't be able to escape unless by boat, can't trust the bridges. Over and out.


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