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RE: ID.....

I don't see why someone wouldnt be willing to produce ID to vote. We can't get anything else done without a valid ID. Try cashing a check, getting Food Stamps,etc. If a voter is on the "up and up" they shouldnt complain about showing ID. Maybe 'some' people dont want to make sure they only vote ONCE. Maybe they need people to vote more than one time to get their candidates in. That ranks right up there with 'racial profiling' to keep cops from stopping people when they're riding around with a blunt hanging out their lips. Most everybody knows that nobody likes those cigars but they cant ride around with a joint between their lips in broad daylight....hmmmm? Easier to ride around with a solo cup in your hand instead of a 40..?
A law abiding citizen wouldnt worry about having to produce an ID to vote. And I thought only law abiding , US citizens were the only one's that could vote for US Government officials....Show the IDs!!


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