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Just an opportunity to make race an issue and ignore the obvious

North Carolina law already provides for free photo ID's for the homeless. Check the General Statutes. It's not complicated nor a burden to ask people to get a photo ID and show it when they go to vote. If they are willing to vote, they should be as able to get an ID. And no, it won't cost billions of dollars to give those ID's away to those who can't get out of the house and pay a small fee less than a McDonald's meal for a family of two. Next thing you know, the NAACP will be complaining that requiring a drivers licenses discourages minorities from driving cars. In other words, their argument is disingenuous and designed to gain headlines. Nothing more. The real question is, if there is such a large number of people without ID's in our state, then why have they not obtained one and how have they survived in a modern society where you have to have a photo ID just to open a checking/savings account, buy alcohol, rent an apartment, get medical care at the hospital, purchase certain medicines held behind the counter, etc.?


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