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get rid of it all or nothing

i think it is pathetic. you will take away jobs, revenue,socialization,entertainment,taxes paid to the communities. when people were coming to currituck county to play the sweepstakes machines they were also buying gas before they went back across the line, they were shopping at local food stores for whats for dinner items, they were buying cigarettes nc lottery tickets(which is not considered gambling) and putting money back into a bruised economy. The lawmakers are sitting in their houses driving their vechiles putting food on their tables designer clothes on their backs. sending their kids off to private schools. and took away what was helping this community in more ways than one. the lower currituck will allow topless gentlemens club,back room adult stores and head shops. state lottery, scratch offs, firedept bingo,church bingo,and mcnolopy. but you take away sweeptstakes and jobs and revenue because it is morally wrong. if you are taking away some take it all. if you dont take all dont take none. you have screwed this community out of alot more than what you ever intend on putting back. if a marriage will break up because someone is sitting in front of a machine and enjoying and relaxing and choosing to spend their time and money how the want then the marriage has alot more problems than what sweepstakes in bringing. i wonder how many law reps and makers are morally right in the lives. no harm was done no crimes brought to this community or county, no new drug deals, no county mafia created yet we have a major drug problem, illegal activity from all walks of life before sweepstakes ever came to town. what is this really about.


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