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I'm from Florida and the same thing has happened to here. I was responsible for running 3 internet centers and employed several members of my family.All of us are now unemployed thanks to Governor Scott. There are approximately 20,000 people put on the street in Florida and I'm sure the number of unemployed people will be around the same in NC. Does the government really want to pick up the tab for 20,000 more people? Aren't they broke? Does this fit in the new budget? Really???? I am losing my home, my car & have had to sell everything I could to survive! I don't understand why we, the little people, are more concerned with our states revenue than the VERY highly paid politicians. Our state made millions off permits alone. Could you imagine how much we could help our states if they would only regulate it? Do they even care about how many jobs we could provide for people in our communities, and in return, the people who have HAD to get government assistance could actually support themselves again! Hard Rock Cafe, The Poker room, Bingo halls, lottery and the gambling ships that go off shore 50 miles, but gambling is illegal in Florida? Sure, sure. It's nothing but political BS! NC fight the law to keep them open!!!!! I'm afraid we Floridians may have lost the battle.


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