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Gaming the system

99% of state retirees are not gaming the system but it can be done.
(The example below happened in California)
Guy gets elected Mayor of a small town, starting salary of $13,000 per year. He knows all council members and over a period of 12 years gets his salary raised to $25,000 per year.
he convinces the council to pay him $90,000 for the last 3 years of his last term.
His retirement income is based upon his highest 3 years of service, meaning 66% of $90,000 or $60,000 per year.
His salary and raises once elected were protected info under the states privacy laws (this is a personnel issue).
I believe all this has changed since the uproar but thats how the system can be gamed.
On the Federal level you have Presidential appointees who's jobs terminate upon the White House changing hands. Those appointees stay in the cabinet departments but at a lower paying job. (And are protected by the Civil Service Act) They get a Federal pension based upon their appointed position's salary.

So guys like Cheney who were deputy director for hop scotch regulations then get into the pentagon then the VP' office have long standing government service and HUGE pensions.
When you look back at their Bio's and see the various positions they've held you begin to see how all politicians take care of their own - and they sure do get all co-operative and bipartisan when they create the rules don't they? For the big boys it's all about who you know.


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