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Un-qualified Commissioner's

At tonight's meeting of the Bladen County Commissioner's a motion was made to name the Bladen County Emergency Services building in honor of John Hall. The motion was made at the request of the Bladen County Fire Chief's Association, with the backing of the Blden County Emergency Services personnel. Dr. Delilah Blanks spoke out against the nameing of the Bladen County Energency Services building stating that "she did not know this man, John Hall." I would like to state exactly who Mr. John Hall was, John was the Deputy Fire Marshall of Bladen County, the Red Cross Representative for Bladen County, the Deputy Fire Chief of Clarkton Fire Dept, active member of Bladenboro Fire Dept., and an auxillary member of Elizabethtown Fire Dept. John was often refferred to as "County Wide" because he did not work with a specific department, but rather attmepted to help anywhwere in the county that he could. With Dr. Blanks annoucing to the public that she did know Mr. Hall, I have to wonder just how involved Dr. Blanks is in the workings of the county. John Hall was the Deputy Fire Marshall for many years, serving under former Fire Marshall Mitchell Byrd and also current Fire Marshall Bradley Kinlaw. Mr. Hall died in the line of duty working for the Bladen County Fire Marshalls Office and the call that Mr. Hall responded to, which related to his death, was in the Carver's Creek area, which is in Dr. Blanks district. His death has been reflected in prior commissioner's meetings and also the state of the county address. The fact that Mr. Hall's line fo duty death was pulicized in every media source in our county, every news station in our viewing area, brought up at numerous commissioner's meetings, part of the state of the county address, the naming of the building placed on the agenda for nearly a week, and that Mr. Hall was a active county employee for nearly 5 years prior to his death leads me to question Dr. Blanks ability to make important decisions for the people of Bladen County. If this woman does not remember current events that happened in our county, ones in which county employees died, how can she be competent enough to make decisions that effect it's citizens. I also feel the need to comment on the actions of Commissioner Cogdell. Mr. Cogdell is a new commissioner and has already left a very bad taste in the mouth's of many citizens. Commissioner's are placed in office to be the voice of the people and to listen to the citizens of the county. After the motion was denied, as citizens expressed their dislike with the decision. Mr. Cogdell was unable to hear the comments in a professional way, and instead pushed his way out of the meeting room while using profanity relating to the citizens comments. I am a voting citizen of Bladen County, but have never attended a commissioner's meeting until tonight and I have to say that I now know that some of the commissioner's of our great county are not the voice's of the people, but are nothing more than worthless politian's that were obviously placed in their seat not because of their ability to make educated decision's and strive for the advancemet of our county, but by who they know.


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