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Dr. Commissioner

It is amazing that a person with the lack of common sense of one of the Bladen County Commissioners who likes to be addressed as Dr. I am not sure the period of time in which this person received a doctorate but I think it was during the height of the affirmative action movement. Why a person outside their field would want to be called Dr. is beyond my understanding. I can't fathom why a professional politician would have the need to be called Dr. when they should be an humble servant of the people.

I have attended churches in which the pastor had a doctorate but asked to be called Pastor. It appears to be an ego thing. An humble public servant wouldn't have the desire to use that title.

I don't mind calling a physician (MD) by the title Dr. I use that title to address veterinarians and dentists when using their services. I do not use it for educators, politicians, or chiropractors. I absolutely refuse to use the title to address a politician such as an obviously ego strapped commissioner.

A learned person has common sense. They know when to speak and when to be quiet. Maybe our so-called Dr. Commissioner is not as smart as they want the citizens to believe. Smart politicians are also color blind to their citizenry. Think about this, Bladen County.


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