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Blanks and Cogdell 2 peas in a pod

Here is a fine example of how stupid some elected officials are. This man did everything for this county and this dumb old no-good foolish witch from East Arcadia doesn't know who he was. Maybe she really didn't know what she was doing when she tried to vote twice a few years back and nothing was done.
It's a crying shame how this group of people, Bladen Improvement, keep putting these dumb a$$ people like her and Cogdell in office just because of the color of their skin. Cogdell was called out for stealing from the children while on the school board and was locked up for bootlegging and this group of people still lead their no-brained followers to vote them in office. East Arcadia is the worst part of Bladen County. Just look at what they put in office from down there.
I get so sick of every where you go, something is named after MLK, streets, parks and now even a legal holiday, a man who did nothing for this county but every town has something named after him. Here we have a man who gave his all and these dummies from down east don't even know who he is. It's a crying shame.
Blanks is a joke and her improvement group show why we need voter ID. They fight against voter ID because so many of them don't even know right from wrong. Maybe we need voter ID with a IQ test, then her and her boy Cogdell wouldn't get to be in office, too stupid, no vote.
John Hall was there every time he was needed for anyone and for 5 of our elected officals to vote against him should show how dumb of people we have in office, and Daniel Dowless, you are from John's area and for you to vote with the queen from down under is a shame, get out from under her dress, grow a set and vote for the people who put you in office.
Delila, as a citizen and taxpayer of Bladen County, I believe that you are unstable, have some type of mental disorder, are not fit to make sound decisions and I hereby request that you step down from office.
Cogdell, as a citizen and taxpayer of Bladen County, I believe that you are just a low life thief and bootlegger who was only elected because of the color of your skin and are not fit to even live in Bladen County, unless you move in with Delila, so please just go away.
To the Bladen Improvement Group, I would love to see one of your meetings. I bet there are more brains in a box of animal cookies.


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