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National Weatherperson's Day?

Stuff like this sure blows away the old adage "Ya just can't make this stuff up" because someone out there obviously is.

Hey, why not go even bigger and call it "Intergalactic Weatherperson's Day" or make it more exclusive by calling it "National Weatherpeson's Except In (the names of coutries we currently don't like) Day ? That would make it even "more" important.

Although most people are unaware of it, today used to be "National Clean Your Icecube Tray Day" before the name change to the current one. As it turns out, there are now more weatherpeople than tray cleaners since the auto icemaker was invented and the cleaners were outvoted in the last "Nationl Day Naming" election.

It's nice to know, that even with all of our current problems, we still take the time to focus on the really important things, like coming up with "National Day" names.



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