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Not that easy

It would be great if we could just "lift a multi-thousand pound piece of metal" out of the way to slide in a new money maker. However.. we have our own issues with the battle ship that need addressing. Such as, it is rotting and we can't fix it. We need to have the battle ship sent off to VA for structural repairs, or it will end up being a nice dive spot. BUT it's to tall to fit under the bridge.. and it's to wide to "swing out" into the river. It would tear up the new river walk and the retaining wall. The giant lifts and repair machinery can't come here because there's no stable ground in which to set them to work on the battle ship because the battle ship is surrounding by marsh land, plus it would ruin the marsh and that wouldn't make for happy eco-friendly-people. Why bring in another ship that is going to need repairs down the road that we can't get repairs done too. Not to mention the carrier is a lot longer than the battleship. How and Where would they park it? They wouldn't be able to "back it in" like the battle ship, because it would tear up Water St. Lets fix our issue with the rotting Battleship before we bring in another potential issue. As of right now, there is just no where to put an aircraft carrier. I feel that you are looking at a money maker and not the big picture here. And to charge 16 bucks for the battleship would be an outrage and a scam. History, especially state history should be funded by the state. Natural History museums and things like the battleship, and Fort Fisher should be free to the public. When did we start putting a price on learning? Before you go looking at moving a "piece of metal" out of the way to throw in another "tourist trap" take a look at the whole picture and what we already have going on.


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