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More evidence of the REAL gun violence problem!

Another perfect example of where the gun violence problem lies is this 31 year old black male with a criminal history a mile long! In and out of the revolving courtroom doors, best friends with the judges, the DA's and the court appointed attorneys. A regular with a smile and a high dollah doo!
Now take a big look at this:
This longtime, violent criminal has THREE FELONY convictions of discharging a firearm into an occupied dwelling. Why he wasn't convicted as a felon in possession of a firearm after the first incident is no less than astounding!
This criminal also has FOUR FELONY convictions of assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to KILL. Again, where is the conviction of a FELON in possession of a firearm after the first offense? Raising your eyebrow yet?
This criminal also has THREE FELONY drug possession and trafficking convictions (it's his career!). Anyone want to bet how much he receives in welfare entitlements from the gov? He's using OUR tax money AND time to deal his dope! All of you OK with this?
To top all of this off, this outstanding local FELON has FOUR CLASS 1 misdemeanor convictions for cruelty to animals! Anyone need a dependable pet-sitter while on vacay? Judge, what about you? Counselor, any needs?
FOURTEEN convictions! 12 of them violent FELONIES and SEVEN FELONIES involving firearms convictions.

But he STILL walks our streets among us! WTF? He's out there doing his best to build his career again. There is absolutely no reason this individual should be walking the streets of our society! I don't need to hear any more pathetic comments abour "building prisons" and having to " more taxes". You put people like this away forever, digging ditches, cleaning sewers and breaking rocks to build more prison walls!

We waste millions of dollars every day trying to invent a bunch of useless laws that only affect law-abiding people while criminals like this worthless worm continue to be allowed to scourge our streets, poison our children and endanger our citizens with his criminal behavior!

Again, you want to control gun violence! Start with people like this and keep them locked away. Use the laws that exist, enforce them and enforce the sentencing! Remember, this is only ONE example of THOUSANDS that exist in our home county. Can you even imagine the epidemic that exists nationwide? OBAMA! Can you hear me? BIDEN! WAKE UP!!!


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