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Read the article Vog...

It states that one of the current charges are "Felon in possession of a firearm." So, yes, it would be safe to say that he did.
But, what does it really matter? The point is that PEOPLE kill people. People like this career criminal that will avert every law, restriction, ban or whatever you put in front of them and that is where the root of the problem lies.
The government ignores this fact.
The government promotes this sort of behavior by lack of enforcement.
The government dances around this truth by attempting to generate new law, when they don't even enforce the ones already in existence.
The ROOT CAUSE of gun violence rests on the backs of criminals like this man that has total disregard for the rules by which the rest of us abide! Until the justice system begins doing its job and preventing career criminals like this man from continually being placed back into society, all of the gun bans, magazine bans, ammo bans, background checks, etc. aren't going to make one single accomplishment but waste money and shoot off a bunch of useless rhetoric in an effort to pacify the hapless tree-huggers that don't know the difference between a firearm and a slingshot.
This is the basis for the solution to a problem. So give me another Christmas list of your reasons against it working. Yeah, yeah...I know, "we have to build prisons", "...the lawyers won't have anything to do...", "Thom Goolsby won't have billable hours", "I don't wanna pay more taxes", etc., etc. Cry me a river, there are ways around these minor bumps.
Vog, you want to reduce gun violence? Keeping criminals like this off the street is solution AND priority number one. They are out there by the THOUSANDS, committing new crimes, everyday. Now, put in YOUR two cents of positive input rather than developing a bunch of excuses as to why something won't work. We have enough Obamas and Bidens spinning their wheels and pissing away money on this problem as it is!


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