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I had this story confused with the Crummy arrest

Read the blog. I asked if he had a gun
I didn't even read THIS story
Mea culpa

That said I agree that repeat offenders need to be off the street and that laws have to be enforced.
Background checks will help but even I know that given the huge surge in gun sales that there will be big backlogs and checks won't be as extensive as they should be.
Hey I don't MAKE the laws - I OBEY THEM. The city says "No" to guns on River walk? Complain - but when they don't change the law - OBEY it. Otherwise you PROVE my point - that gun owners are not all law abiding. In the mean time I'll take my strolls down River Walk in broad daylight thank you (if at all).
No one is taking ANYTHIGN Away here (the assault gun ban was never going to pass), Back ground checks were ENDORSED by the NRA after Columbine - now its a bad thing? Its no wonder I quit that organization.
Yes enforce the laws an keep the perps behind bars if warranted - there are so many guns out here now (both legal and illegal) that we would be hard pressed to think gun violence would go down. You take one guy off the streets who's gonna run the drug business? The next guy in line. Maybe he's got a clean record?
And remember Sandy Hook, the family in New Mexico, Columbine, were all committed by law abiding citizens who also happened to to sick in the head. As I have said repeatedly - law abiding citizens commit crimes. Many don't get caught.
In my mind felon who commits a crime with a gun and does it again is just as bad as the "law abiding citizen" who thinks he should be able to conceal carry on the River walk because he knows he won't get caught and does so.
Personal responsibility is absent in a criminal's mind and law abiding citizens are letting it slide themselves.

BTW - Obama has EXPANDED carry laws to include Amtrak and National Parks. He has been one of the most gun friendly Presidents we've had - he has been put in a bad situation by Sandy Hook and Columbine and Tuscon etc........
(I apologize again, for confusing the stories)


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