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The funniest thing I have read this week

This is awesome!!! Its comedy gold!!!!

So Wilmington is now being harassed by… Bad Guys with mystery “technology” and “vehicles”…. Which I interpret “Bad Guys” as a kid with a bag of weed and “vehicle” as a 1995 Honda and “technology” as a cell phone.

So Chief Evangelous while sitting in his tree house fort has decided to ask Wilmington to drop a cool 300K to outfit a “New Mobile field Force”… I bet it took hours to come up with that name… right after “Strike Team Alpha”… “Cobra-Kai Ninjas”… And “Black-Doom Commando Squad”…

This will probably include cool new bikes, nun-chucks, walkie-talkies, ninja stars, and one B-B gun that they can share.

I can’t be the only person that thinks this is hilarious?

T.W. Duke


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