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Riverwalk is city owned and current law says no guns on city property - sorry.
But what caught my eye was this statement:
"The crime close to the Riverwalk is not caused by citizens utilizing their right to carry, but criminals intent on a quick buck."

This makes a rather rash assumption doesn't it?
You are assuming that all "legal" gun owners are law abiding citizens.
This is like saying all Christians don't commit crimes because the bible says don't do it, and we ARE Christian.
Just who the heck do we gun owners think WE are? Of course legal gun owners commit crimes.
And yes they get their permit revoked and yes they get them illegally and yes right now LE is over whelmed trying to keep up with them.
But to sit here and say gun owners are law a biding citizens is disingenuous at best and indicative of too much kool aid drinking.
Stop evangelizing - gun owners are just as capable of conducting criminal activity as anyone else is.
I'm glad there's no guns on Riverwalk (and I'm glad restaurant owners COULD ban them under proposed legislation). Here's why. If I'm a boat owner and come into Wilmington and moor at the new marina I am on my boat with a gun protecting my property. That walk provides a buffer. If a perp then tries to rob me at gunpoint he gets charged it the attempted burglary AND bringing a weapon on River walk. That is of course if he survives my shooting at him in defense of my boat.
But the broad problem is is that guns are so common place that they are no longer indicative of a long term law abiding citizen - jut one that hasn't committed a crime yet,or worse - hasn't been caught.



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