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I can see this now

Task force leader: "OK you undercover guys start walking the streets and hanging around"
5 min later:
"here comes someone suspicious - stay on your toes"

"Wait, he went into the Reel Cafe"

90 min later:
"Hey fellas - he's coming back out - boy he's weaving pretty bad - oooh look, he's taking a leak on the sidewalk - hold on don't bust him for that - it's only a misdemeanor. OH Jesus he just barfed in the gutter, wait a second, He's getting behind the wheel. Car 54 - you get behind him and pull him over as soon as he pulls out"

Car 54 radio:
"uh Boss we got us a situation here it's Brian Berger and he just threw up on my uniform. Please advise"

"Uh well he's got priors for this type of thing - oh hell just get a clean uniform will you?"

5 min later:
"UH task force this is dispatch be advised a motorist claiming he was just stopped by you has hit the Kenan fountain and is going to sue the city. Please advise"

"Task force"? "Hello"?

Just what we need



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