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Your lips are red from the Kool Aid

"Riverwalk is city owned and current law says no guns on city property - sorry."

I guess you like repeating what's already been said. Now I'll try.

"This makes a rather rash assumption doesn't it?"
Referring to crimes committed downtown by criminals vs. concealed carry citizens, or legally purchased firearms by the original owners.

You should really look at the stats, or you can try
The jist being that people that follow the laws that govern concealed carry don't commit crimes downtown. The percentage is almost microscopic.

I think it's a little disingenuous to assume (we know what that means) I was referring to every single owner of a firearm. Talk about drinking the kool aid.

So, before you tell me to "Stop evangelizing", your saying it's ok for YOU to have a weapon while tied to the dock, the dock is city owned property, but I can't have mine 3' away. I wonder if people feel unsafe because of your gun they can't see?

Don't be such a nitpicker. You know what I posted, and you knew where it was headed. People are carrying everyday all around you, but you never see it. That's why it's concealed, nobody gets alarmed.

"Just who the heck do we gun owners think WE are?" It's pretty evident who you think you are, I'm not asking for anything above what you seem to think is ok. You want to carry while tied to city property, I want to carry while walking on city property. Property that presumably belongs to the people.


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