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pulling wool over the news folks in wilmington nc

So Chuck has signed up for investing millions in a cold storage facility in Wilmington.. What about the River Front Development that he has been working on since 2007 ? Has not completed the marina, hotels, just moving dirt around for years. You can find lots of websites and articles about what he said he was going to do at the river front on the web. One says everything was fully funded years ago..but guess what. NOT built yet. Has anyone every thought this guy should be Vetted. Apparently the Gov staff did not Vett him concerning the state grant and taking photos with him for the cold storage and whether Chuck had any funds to invest lined up. How much real money is committed from Chuck or his investors and has it started? March 8th 2014 he says they will start on the facility in May 2014 and finish next Jan. Well has he started or close to starting this month? I bet not! But maybe I will be surprised.

I would love to see where Chuck is on the cold storage building..start moving the dirt around? What is the date for completion of this facility? Search on Chuck Schoninger or the following:
Zephyr,USA Investco,River front development


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