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It's not the Police Chief or

It's not the Police Chief or Al Leonard that are the problem,it is the town council and Mr.Britt.Fair Bluff has been that way for years it hasn't just happened. Mr. Johnson probably knows some information they don't want to get out.I have lived in Fair Bluff all my life ,believe me I know. To start with, look and see who the rest of the public works guys are.They are Billie Johnson's brother and brother in-law, Looks like somebody keeping people quiet by giving them jobs with no rules. Check back on Fair Bluff public records of purchases of land the town has made and tax records and you will see the under handed dealings of the mayor and council. Let me give you one example.The town only buys land from one town councilman or a group that consists of Mayor Britt a current councilman and a former councilman. All the land for the "Foot Bridge to Nowhere" AKA(River Walk)was bought from a town councilman with Tobacco Fund Monies that the former councilman was on the committee that approved that fund distribution.This town has a lot to hide and they had a hard enough time keeping things under the rug when former Police Chief Lewis (scapegoat) and the Town Clerk(scapegoat) got caught. So you see Billie ,The former police chief , and former town clerk are only small fish in a huge lake. The FBI,SBI,State Auditors,IRS, and NC DOT Grant people need to take a long look at the town of Fair Bluff. The proof is there in black and white if anybody would look hard enough.


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