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miller is just the wrong man for the job

let's see this man has already pulled an obama and blamed his predecessors, has hired daggone near a quarter of a million dollars worth of staff in HIS OWN OFFICE that do nothing but gilt their own lives, travel around on tax payer money and make promises they never keep, and limits access to him and circles wagons wherever he can..and now he is gonna form a committee to address an overpaid, underperforming coach (like his own overpaid, underperforming staff), when he has an underpaid over performing group of folks like scalf and others who have been towing the line for years (kind of like his faculty mainline staff he ignores) and he wants a group of folks to "assess" this for him. Best money spent in Wilmington is on anything OTHER THAN the seahawk club. Give it directly to the poor athletes that got snookered into coming to this joke. Good money after bad on this climber. has he gotten his promotion to something better yet..cause UNCW ain't his concern.


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