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Yah gotta luv them.
They pass this sequester "threat" with everyone saying "yeah, it will force us to address our economic situation" but just in the last 2 days we've seen headlines that say:
"President considering plan to delay sequester"
"Boehnner looking for ways to delay sequester"

Still kicking the can down the road.
And the sad thing is they only have to come up with less than a Trillion in cuts/revenues over the decade to stop the accumulated debt from rising AND if the economic recovery picks up steam revenues will increase naturally giving us the ability to pay down the accumulated debt, albeit gradually.
What about an additional 3% across the board? Everyone - defense and Medicare/caid suffers equally. This gives cabinet heads leeway on what to cut. Since Social Security is NOT part of the budget it won't get cut.
Look, as a Vet I would PREFER DoD spending be increased but I'm no fool - defense spending has outpaced inflation and has risen too fast over the last few decades. Our technological marvels are costing us dearly - but I know Eric Cantor would have heart failure if we cut the next aircraft carrier out of the budget as would the Senators from RI and Connecticut if we cut a new sub out. So do across the board - let your managers - manage.


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