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They can beat the drum

all they wish. This bill wil pass; be signed by the GOvernor; and be in effect 07/01/2013.

As several senior members of the legislature noted, this is not an attempt to cause pain for the unemployed. It's intended to empower and encourage them to get jobs.

So along about mid November, the benefits will end for many; we'll see if that empowers them to go to work.

Knowing that many employers will restrict work hours to 30 per week thanks to Obamacare, if one works 30 hours @ $8.00 per hour, that's $240; double down and work 60 hours with 2 jobs and you have $480.

I'm still waiting for anyone who supports long term unemployment to point to a section in the Constitution or Bill of Rights which gaurantees life long payments not to work. And free health care; and free cell phones.

You can not; those entitlements are not referred to anywhere.

Accept what's coming and deal with it. Have you contacted your Legislators, in writing or by email, to express your positions? Likely not too many have. Easier for this group to hold press conferences which accomplish nothing.


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