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Now Tom

"It's intended to empower and encourage them to get jobs."
What jobs? Of course ANYONE who believes that we are an entitlement society believes that there's jobs out there to be had. Please show us where they are. Yes this may encourage some to get off their butts but empowers? No - it does nothing of the sort.Just read H4 V3 and it does nothing but cut benefits.

"if one works 30 hours @ $8.00 per hour, that's $240; double down and work 60 hours with 2 jobs and you have $480."
Again now you are doubling down on your the jobs are out there argument. Where are these 2 million part time jobs that 1 million can apply for? Do we give credit to good 'ol Bev for creating these jobs?

" which guarantees life long payments not to work."
Oh my - unemployment has never been permanent. Even now its 99 weeks(?) worth. That hardly seems permanent to me.

"Have you contacted your Legislators, in writing or by email, to express your positions?"
I do this regularly along with my U.S. Rep and Senators.
I think Pat had the right idea during his campaign - do it in 2014.
When benny's get cut unemployment will fall - not because he created jobs but because the people dropped off the dole. When spending diminishes company's will lay off more folks and business expansion will stop.
It will be an interesting thing to watch.
But I caution anyone who's into economics to look at Ireland. I can remember Kudlow railing about how we need to be like Ireland and lower corporate taxes to simulate job growth. In 2007 unemployment was 4%. Funny thing is its now 14.2% and been that way since 2009 or so. Hows that corporate rate working out for you Ireland? Bailed out by the central bank. In 2010 their deficit (JUST THE DEFICIT - not total debt, was 35% of GDP). Thank goodness things are improving - their government bonds are junk. Greece is even worse.
The point is austerity leads to very bad things both on the state and national level and we are not yet in a position that the Eurozone countries were/are.
Pat needs to create jobs first and get people into them.
But they're certainly not out there now.


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