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Well Vog

opinions differ.

And I see you did not address the question on the Bill of Rights or the Constituiton.

As to jobs, and I travel throughout NC on business, I can not drive by a WalMart, Lowes, or any fast food extablishment which is not hiring. Go west of I-95, construction firms are hiring.

The problem is that too many have become comfortable on unemployment and have ceased seeking work.

This is intended to stem that.

While you and I, and others make our voices heard, my guess is that too many will not even pick up the phone and call their legislator.

One of the beautues in this country, opinions can differ. I'm not the one to debate the issue with VOG. I have my beliefs and I guess they differ from yours.

Why don't we focus on Shoninger and his frozen igloo project. I'm interested in knowing just what state and local incemtives he's applied for. I hope the powers that be have a jaundiced eye when they look at anything he proposes. The "deal" already notes there will be no lease payments by him on the land lease during the first 4 years. What else is he seeking?

And remember he's only "projecting" 110 jobs. Sounds like much the same approach as the ballpark.


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