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At maximum benefit ($522 or so) an unmployed worker can also work part time and make up to $106/week without affecting their benefit.
They are reducing max benny to $350, a different of $172 per week. I suggested to my Rep/St Sen that the allowable earnings be raised to ($106 + $172 or $278). I explained that this would KEEP $225M in the state economy AND allow those employers needing part timers to fill those jobs with the unemployed. This would FILL part time job slots that don't have medical benefits which would be beneficial to businesses. The wages earned ($278) would be UI taxed as all wages are which would help the UI Trust fund.
My Rep thought that this might be beneficial but obviously it was not considered. It is helpful when talking to your State Rep and Senator to have ideas to share not just gripes and moaning and groaning.
Like Tom, I wish that more people would contact their reps in the State House.



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