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Vog's post

Sure Walmart is hiring. One thing he fails to understand is 80% of their employees qualify for food stamps and medicaid. The average family with one child could not began to survive on any of the fast food or Walmart type job. These jobs are fine for someone that is just getting out of High School and living at home and driving a car that was given to them by their parents. I would take the unemployment and continue to look for a job that would support my family. Guess what that is what unemployment is designed to do. Get you by until you can get another job. Not to live off of forever. If any family could live well on unemployment I would like to know how? Every penny paid to people on unemployment is spent on basic survival. Not going out to eat everyday. It goes back into the economy unlike tax breaks that are socked away for a grand vacation. I agree with you Tom whole heartily. The pure greed in this country is out of control and when a state gets into financial trouble the first place they look is to the ones with the smallest voice. The poor they never look to the ones that can afford to pay a little more to help their fellow man. Cut unemployment please, i'm sure they caused these financial problems.


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