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It's so easy for you to say

It's so easy for you to say go and get a job at Walmart or in fast food. I have tried and I am overqualified and am not considered. I applied for a job in customer service which was low paying and I was highly qualified and was told there were over 200 applicants for the same job that only 1 person would get. I didn't even get an interview. Our state is at 9% unemployment and that is because there are not jobs for everyone and people are still being laid off. If you think in 20 weeks jobs will magically fall from the sky and everyone who is receiving unemployment will have one you are nuts. There will be people losing their homes, more crime when people have to resort to anything in order to survive and our state will have more homeless out on the street. Our governor and Republican legislature are fools and cruel ones at that if they think this will solve the problem and apparently you are too. Unless you are in the situation you have no clue. I have been laid off twice in the past 4 years and it is not easy finding a job. I have been looking every day and have been turned down for things I am highly qualified for. Perhaps it is my age since I am over 50? I don't know. I am now taking classes to start a new profession however they will take me over a year to complete so I may have to drop them when my unemployment ends.


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