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ESC does not keep total jobs available data or they don't release it. But I can tell you this - NH County has very limited job opportunities yet there are 25,000 unemployed in the Wimington metro area (which does include SOME of Brunswick county).
The Legislature put the cart before the horse by doing things this way. Of course if my macro economic thought process is right it will be a moot point because IF they take $225M out of the NC economy as the SNO indicates then McCrory will face a recessionary economy as opposed to an albeit recovering economy.
I'm all for cutting corporate taxes to make it "less risky to hire" - but as a business man you know that businesses don't hire just because they're profitable they hire due to increased business or increased demand. People spend money when it's less risky to spend, ie when they have money.
Taking $225M out of our fragile economy right now might not be the smartest thing to do.
There are NOT ENOUGH jobs even a "step below" to take all unemployed off the unemployment system. Offer PROOF that they're there in numbers sufficient to impact unemployment.
Show me where an employer will hire JUST BECAUSE HE'S GOT PROFITS??????? Like you - I've hired people myself and NEVER just because I could. (This is another separate argument - I know).
Talk to a rep at ESC if you can and ask how many county residents are unemployed versus how many jobs are available in your county - with the exception of Onslow - most counties do not have enough jobs.



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