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Here's some reality for you:

"The number of people unemployed increased 6,997 to 438,864 over the month, and decreased 45,380
over the year."

Please explain where the 438,864 jobs are. These are December figures - sorry it's the latest they've got.

Yeah, I KNOW it's going to happen, and I have no skin in this game as I paid my dues already but what the Legislature is doing will ruin NC's economy.
So lets assume these folks have to work two jobs to get by - where's the MILLION jobs Tom?
It's way too easy for anyone to say "just find a job" especially when YOU may have one yourself but it only displays ones ignorance of the situation.
NC's problems are not a result of Bev's initiatives alone either (You KNOW that). Our debt based society/economy shut down when lending dried up. It was so bad we had to bail out the banks that did the lending - fearful they would fail.
We are only now seeing any sort of recovery.
This bill puts a HUGE burden on McCrory to come up with initiatives and programs to grow jobs rapidly as he's taking way too much out of the economy with this bill and there's not enough jobs to replace it with - according to the ESC's own figures.
Now THAT'S a reality for yah.



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