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My objection to the cutback in UI is not based upon the bill itself but the timing. In the link I posted above unemployment is RISING and this bill that's supposed to REDUCE the burden may end up COSTING the state more.
The number of counties with a rate above 10% has risen by 12 to 56 out of 100 counties.
As I told my legislator - cut the corporate tax FIRST - lets see if it improves the jobs numbers - then - as the number is rising - then cut back on UI benefits that way, the improving economy lessens the blow of taking this much money out of the states economy.
By cutting back on UI first while unemployment is getting worse - you push the states economy back into a recession. This then puts you're next move (Cutting corporate taxes and raising the sales or other consumption taxes) in jeopardy as revenues will be falling. Demand will also fall - possible accelerating unemployment.
McCrory would then be faced in year two and three of his Governorship of dealing with a recessionary economy.
So, what will the state GOP run on then? Their ban on abortion? They're ability to shut down sweepstakes businesses?

I hope I'm wrong but this one move alone could derail his governorship and possibly GOP control of the legislature.



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