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it appears everyone, including you, needs to improve their reading skills.

Where, in any comment, did I say I agreed with it? Please point it out.

I feel the Governor made a foolish blunder giving the members of the Council of State an 8% raise at the same time the Legislature is fixing this issue.

But the fact remains, this is coming. Why, pray tell, do people including you want to debate me on this issue?

It's coming. The unemployed can either wait until the checks stop coming or they can take action.

It's that simple; and no amount of debate or slurs thrown my way will change the inevitable.

And it's pretty clear most would rather whine and take slaps at me rather than get some training or get out and start looking for a job.

When the benefits end, that $480 per week from an entry level job may look pretty good to someone with a family.

Oh, to all those, including you VOG, who point to the potential ramifications, remember.

We had a depression in the 1930s; millions lost their jobs and homes; but society survived. Big Recession during Eisnehower's administration; lost homes, jobs and families; but society survived. A bit of a recession during the Regan administration; lost homes and jobs; but society survived.

It seems like most posters here are more concerned with posting and trying to put me in my place than survival.


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