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Not disagreeing with you but your glibness regarding this is startling:
"And it's pretty clear most would rather whine and take slaps at me rather than get some training or get out and start looking for a job."

You can rant all you want about the people collecting but where's the 483,000 jobs Tom?

And yeah it IS coming.
And yeah we DID have recessions before, although this one ranked second to 1938 and far out weighed Reagans in depth.
But lets keep the focus to NC as this law ONLY impacts NC (But has garnered national press). If it was good law it would have been proposed already even by the previous Republican Minority members. It wasn't - so why wait till now? McCrory himself said he liked it for 2014 why the push up of one year to include it now? Why the continued misinformation about paying back (unnecessarily) a "loan" that is basically stabilizing our UI Trust fund?
Ad if you looked at my posts yo would see that my concern here is political - that after 100 years of Dem rule the GOP will get 4 years then get run out of town? They've made some bone headed moves - totally eliminating all board memberships so the boards can have the governors imprint on them? Pay raises for appointees - 1000 appointees - appointtees with conflicts of interest - now this action taking $225M out of NC's economy?
Where's the thought? the research?
I'm NOT ready to write Pat off just yet because some of this is the legislature not the Administration.
I just don't remember Bev being this bad just weeks into her term. And she inherited a bad economy. Pat inherited an improving economy but seems to be doing all he can to stall it out. Where's the fiscal management? Now Rabon will write tax changes. I can't wait to see this.
And yes you never said you approve of it all - in fact you even went so far as to say you'd make out as a businessman with the proposed elimination of the corporate tax (see - I do read your posts).
I would LOVE to see Pat throttle the Legislature down a peg or two.
The question is - will he?


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