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you're out of tune with the topic.

It's going to happen. Like it or not, the House has passed the bill; the Senate will vote within the week.

Rather than ask all of those metaphysical questions, which by the way bring no solutions to the table, why not propose some action?

Gosh, maybe lead a march to Rabon's office or Ghoolsby's office. They're the local Senators; they'll be the ones voting.

Frankly VOG, I did not rant.

I noted the inevitable freight train is coming down the tracks.

I suggest affected people need to take some action or be hit by the speeding train.

You want to get into "wouldn't it be nice if" discussions. I have not seen the Beach Boys on a concert tour in this area.

Face the truth VOG, it's coming.

Affected Folks can continue the flowery debates and rhetorical questions.

And they can let the train run over them.

Or they can take some action.

It's that simple.

That ends my comments on a topic which is already on a course for July 1.


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