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No not Bush

Its us pure and simple.
Of course businesses do NOT want to discourage this type of non saving behavior. As I stated to Tom and has been pointed out repeatedly here we are a debt based society/economy and 70% of our economy is dependent upon consumer spending.
When consumers stop spending the economy goes in the toilet, and American businesses, along with State and Federal budgets - suffer. This is why I'm leery of basing our state budget on consumption tax(s). It's also why I'm against the cuts to the UI program for now.
Businesses (for the most part) count on us spending - if we don't, they don't either.
We can blame ourselves and should but don't forget - then you have the political class at all levels of government who:
A - Never met a program they didn't want to spend money on and
B - Never saw a tax cut they didn't like.....



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