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RE: Disneyworld...

Running a stop sign or killing someone...suppose your Mother or child 'ran a stop sign'...would you want them to get beat like that? ANYBODY could get thrown in jail for 'failure to appear' on a 'running a stop sign' charge when the court system doesn't get their paperwork correct. That's the point here..not what kind of people are in there. I think the cell should fit the crime. If you have simple traffic violation, put those in a cell together..assault, drugs, murderers..same thing. And have jail employees monitering 24/7. Hire jailers that are not scared to intervene when fights happen. Give them more than 1 bullet, a tazer, pepper spray. When visiting inmates at the jail, they have lots of rules on visiting..what you can wear, what you can leave with the inmates..but somehow the prisoners end up with things they arent supposed to have. Visitors have NO physical contact with the inmates..only via video camera on a computer screen. Funny how they end up with cigarettes, drugs etc.We know it's not 'disneyland'. What the county needs is employees that will DO their jobs and someone to make sure.


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